Guide To Buy Kratom Australia (New Method 2020)

Best Site To Buy Kratom Online

Best Site To Buy Kratom Online

Before you take a action to buy kratom in australia, you should read some guide below:

Legality Status kratom in australia

Kratom is 100% ilegal in australia, so if you read this, we are not resposibility to all happen on your shipment, but there still a chance to get some in australia, here the complete guide how to buy kratom in australia with safe method.

Prepare this before you buy kratom in Australia

    1. Quantity.
      Maximum quantity you can order is 3 kilos, minimum is 2 kilos, if you have multiple address, you can do multiple order with 3 kilos maximum in 1 address within 1 month.
      So, if you thinkin getting up to 3 kilos its better you need to have 2 address for ship.
    2. Bitcoin
      You need to prepare a bitcoin wallet to pay, because the seller only accept bitcoin for australia customer do a safe reason. you can go to for registration, or other cryptocurrency vendor.
    3. ETA Delivery
      1. You need a little patience in waiting for the package, because the seller usually takes the right time to see the conditions and developments to deliver your package.
    4. Skype
      You need skype account because the seller only recieve order via skype and transaction via skype.
    5. Never mentioned kratom
      dont say kratom to anything about your transaction, you can message the vendor if you wanna buy tea to australia

add skype:

Final process, they will prepare your order in 1 – 2 days to make sure all good and ship to your, its between 3 – 5 days for you to get it.


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