The Different Ways To Consume Kratom And Its Best Dose For You

As we know that Kratom are beneficial, so we should know how to use it correctly. This is very important to have effectiveness of consume kratom. Knowing the correct dosage is included. Before we talk about the dosage for us, let’s see how people in the world consume the leaves.

How people consume Mitragyna speciosa

  • People chew the whole leaves for effective stimulation and pain relieving. However, many people can’t stand these bitter leaves.

  • People drink tea from this tree to have alkaloids. They will crush or powder it to use it as tea. However, some people will just pour the leaves with hot water just like that and combined the mixture with honey, lemon juice, and peppermint oil. This is good to reduce bitterness of this medicinal herb.

  • People mix the powder of the leaves with olive oil. This is also to reduce the bitterness of the leaves.

  • People will put the powder of the leaves in the back side of the mouth and drink some acidic or sweet drink. However, when you want to do it, you should be very careful, since it can cause choking and coughing.

  • People will extract the leaves to be able to consume this bitter powder. People will use gelatin capsules to put the powder in and consume it easily.

The correct dose of Kratom Consumption

Start a small dose is wise and safe. Just take two-three grams for the first time. If you don’t have any significant result, you just have to take it up. If you have a higher dose you will feel nauseous, so lower the dose. Here are more details about the way to find the best dose.

  • Make sure you haven’t had your meals before taking this powder, and take 2 or 3 grams.

  • If there’s no effect at all after a forty-five minute waiting, just take 1-2 grams more.

  • After thirty minutes to wait for the effect, you would feel something different. If no just take 0.5 gram of it. You definitely will feel something.

  • This dose will be enough for a five-hour good feeling.

  • Use this method for the next day with the same strain.

When you use this powder you will feel very thirsty so you should always drink a lot of water. It is also very important to know that different strain may need different dose. Some strains are fast enough to give the effect so you should take a small dose for it. Don’t forget to jot down about how much and how long you use the powder. This is good to always have notes of anything including the powder usage for health review. It’s good if this article about Kratom can give you enough information.

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  1. In order to get best results from kratom consuming it in a right way is important. Many people consume kratom in an improper way and then say that it’s not that effective. I hope this post will help people in understanding kratom dose to get efficient results. Thanks for sharing the correct dose guide.

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