Kratom Tea Recipe

Maybe you are at a loss for the best way to consume kratom. there are many ways to consume kratom one of them is make kratom tea, here’s how best and process to make kratom tea

Place coffee filter on counter and add kratom powder to center.
I use 2 teaspoons. 3 on a very bad pain day. Gather edges of filter towards the center, gently twist a little, and tie shut with a twist tie. While you’re making the tea bag start heating approximately 2 cups of water in a saucepan on the stove on high. Once water is hot enough to start boiling reduce heat to medium low and add homemade tea bag.

Bob it up and down a few times to get water working through but don’t bob it too hard or the tea bag will split open. Let tea continue to steep on medium low a minimum of 10 minutes but I usually do 20-30 minutes. Pour liquid into cup and add something to sweeten it and flavored creamer. I prefer sugar and French vanilla creamer, but have also used honey, Brown sugar, or milk. A dash of cinnamon on top is also good.

Save tea bag for another batch later. This makes enough for a large cup of tea. Tea bags can be used twice by themselves. After the 2nd use I add a fresh bag in with it. Once you’ve used it enough to pull everything out if it you can throw it away or take the kratom out of the tea bag and add to garden soil. Plants love it!!

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